Mirjam’s Birthday

On the 9th of September this year, I will be 70 years young. I’d like to ask for the “startup” money to purchase solar panels for Friend’s House (Children’s Embassy) in Ukraine.

The situation in Ukraine is very difficult due to the war. Together with my husband Boas, I’ve worked there for 31 years. We are the founders of Children’s Embassy.

Friend’s House is not dependent on gas, as it was way too expensive. We heat the house with wood for several years already.

We would like to reduce the power costs further by mounting solar panels on the large roof. There are more sunny hours in Ukraine than here in the north. My heart beats for helping children in Ukraine.

I’m not celebrating this birthday, because our Team, the children and friends are in the middle of a war.

Would you like to give a present to Children’s Embassy in Ukraine instead? 🙂


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