Make the cold winter warmer for a child

Fundraising for ”Warm Winter” November 1st-24th Make the cold winter warmer for a child.

In the city the children are cold even inside the apartments

Outside it’s cold and in the night time it’s already below 0°C. The heating of the apartments was finally turned on the last week of October, but with that comes also the bills for the heating cost. The fees for electricity, gas, water and the fee to the city for providing these services are very high. For a single mum with two kids, who lives on the minimum wage, 80% of her income is needed to cover these costs. When the bills are paid there is barely any money left for food, and the money do not suffice for buying warm winter clothes and footwear. Your help is valuable! Right now your help is needed – winter is coming.

In the countryside, the needs are even bigger

Money is needed for fire wood, gas and of course warm clothes and footwear for the children. Just try to imagine life with small kids in the cold. The prices for fire wood and gas have rose tremendously. A loading of fire wood costs 5000 Hryvnia, which equals to 160 Euro. To sustain a winter, 2-3 such loads are needed. In the countryside, many people are dependent on temporary, short time employments since no permanent positions are available. The main part of the food is produced on their own farmland. A lot of schools cannot afford heating, so the students goes through the school day with their outerwear on, and when they’re coming home, it’s not warm there either. Many families are asking us for help. Some need fire wood, other money for gas. Many are lacking warm clothes and footwear for their children.

Hope of a warm winter for the refugees

Thank you for not forgetting the refugees from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine. About two million Ukrainians have had to leave their homes due to the war. We help the ones that have come to our town, that have the highest needs. During a period of four years the refugees have been through daily struggles. On top of that many of them are still in debt for their properties, that are now destroyed due to the war. Some of the refugees have found work and an apartment or a house. Some of them still stay in the towns old student housing – where the winter gets very cold since the town won’t pay for the heating. In the former student housing, there are single mums with their kids, grandparents with their grandkids, people with disabilities and elderly people. Their situation seems hopeless.

“No one cares about us, we are forgotten.”

For us, at Children’s Embassy, children are the main priority but we make exceptions. Since the start of the war we have helped the refugees that have come to our town, both children and grownups. Together we can give them hope of a warmer winter.

What can you do? How can you help?

You can buy warm clothes and footwear for the kids. You can buy firewood or supply money for gas for a family. Your help is highly valued, and much needed!


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