Life in Friend’s House as seen by the Kids

Presented by Julia, Sveta and Svitlana

Stuart and Mirjam
We came to Friend’s House, as Mirjam and Stuart were going to teach us how to work with photos. The opposite happened. You can see what fun they had when we instructed them about Snapchat.


Nadia Mihailivna and Natalia Mikolaivna
They work here and are in the process of making study schedules for children. Their work is very demanding and significant.


Julia and Boas
They are talking about where to find shop “Zhuk” in Boborovitcha. Julia is explaining.


Our Katerina was rushing somewhere so fast that we had no time to ask her about anything.


Boas working on the computer.


Viktor Pavlovitch
He was hurrying to Bobrovitcha for something to repair the blocked toilet. We stopped him for the photo.


Thanks for your time!
Julia, Sveta, Svitlana

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