Jumpers and cardigans knotted with love

The war in eastern Ukraine startled me as many other Finns. As the news decreased, the Ukrainian’s distress was forgotten.

In 2015, Oili and Hannu Räsänen showed pictures and told about their first journey to Ukraine. Something stirred in my heart. Could I do something? Money is of course important, but could I also do something tangible? Together with a friend, we had the idea of knitwear: We knit woollen jumpers or cardigans to the children in a family appointed to us. On six Christmases already, we have sent presents to children, sometimes to their mothers as well.

Knitting a jumper, I think of and pray for the family and the child who receives it. I knit much love and warmth into each jumper, hoping it gives a child warmth. The “project” gives myself great joy.

/ Leena Koskela, Kerava, Finland

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