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Hi! My name is Юлія. Although everyone in our team calls me Julia. It’s my turn to update our site this week. I can guarantee you some chaos 😀. Hopefully, you are very patient over the week 😉.

My job is bookkeeping. I appreciate what my organization does. I love children. I also enjoy cooking, reading books and travelling.

The goal of our work is to improve the life of children who live in difficult circumstances.

Being part of the team makes me happy. And there are constantly new nice acquaintances.

Bookkeeping is – receipt no. 2 … when receipt no. 2 lifts the mood and makes you happy

The legislation keeps changing so rapidly that bookkeepers work and rest under constant stress.
The new consolidated quarterly report confirms this.

There was no improvement during the second quarter.
Due to the newest update, the recent report was not accepted. So, the report status must be watched until its last day of submission.

Visit Ukraine

I love the Carpathians. In the mountains, one’s soul rests, breathing is easy and bad thoughts flow away from one’s mind.
If I had the choice, I’d spend all my vacations in western Ukraine.

Our country is rich in beautiful places and cities. At the moment, I’d like to visit Kharkiv. There is an extraordinarily beautiful park there. If I travel there, you can look forward to seeing my photos.

P.S. Travel to Ukraine! Support the development of our tourism.
You will be met with warm hospitability and choice dishes. 🙂

Positive emotions – prophylactic against Covid -19

A day’s work includes many kinds of situations. And a little smile can fix everything. Like the smiley on my photo.

Smile in all situations, and everything will turn out well. 🙃

P.S. This was my last post this week. Thank you for the likes. 😉

Julia – bookkeeper

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