Julia interviews 12-year-old Dasha

Dasha: “I love animated films, cats and delicacies.”

Young artist Dasha left her home in eastern Ukraine and moved to Chernigiv province four years ago. She tells us about her film heroine, her love of cats and how she slept in the potato cellar.

Why did you move house?
“I was 8, when we had to leave home. The war came into our town. It was dreadful. Mother was most of all worried about me and grandmother. We had to sleep in the potato cellar for two weeks. There was shooting in the town all the time.”

You love cats. What is so special about them?
“They are so cute and their fur is soft. That is soothing. When I’m nervous, I stroke cats and calm down. But we live in a student hostel now, and no animals are allowed.”

All your drawings are from animated films. Who is your favourite hero?
“I started watching animated films when I was 8. My favourite heroine is Violet Evergarden, a 14-year-old girl who can only remember the war. She lost both hands in the war, and she has metallic prostheses now.”

What is your favourite delicacy?
“When mother goes to bed, I take my pad and watch animated films silently, chomping buns and cookies that my mom baked. I love everything she bakes.”

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