Joy, Smiles and New Friends

Thank you Viktor Dinvich and Awana-UA for the delightful day at Friend’s House. Teams competed and gained sweet prizes. All 33 kids enjoyed the surprise day. There was also time for God’s Word. One of the interesting events was the market where the kids could spend their ”prize money”. It was a lot of fun.

• The relays and the water games were best of all.
/ Roma, 12

• I had three prize notes, and I bought a present.
/ Masha, 6

• There were many kids and lots of cookies and soda. I only drank two cans.
/ Kristina, 10

• I liked everything. The market was real cool. I bought three presents. And I have a New Testament of my own now.
/ Maksim, 9

• The team races were good. Our team was the best. The day ended so quickly, and we had to say goodbye.
/ Kirill, 14

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