Joy and sadness at the end of school term

The young pupils of classes 1 to 4 enjoy the closing of school and look forward to the summer vacation.

I, Tanya, gave a speech to the lower classes teacher. My voice trembled and tears filled my eyes. My son Maksim is leaving the lower school. It was a little sad to say goodbye to his first teacher. I could only thank the teacher for being like a mother to the kids in lower school.

The upper school students had just returned to school after the long period of studying from home. They have only attended school for a few weeks every now and then.
For the 11th class, this was the last day at school and the last ringing of the school bell. They will now take the national exams in order to start in various schools and colleges. They are starting the adult life.

All photos by Tanya

 The tradition is that a boy from the 11th class carries a girl from the 1st class, and they ring the bell to close the school year.

Little Ukrainians.

Sonya and Kiril at the end of the term.

In the school yard.

Leaving school for good.

 Lower classers with their teacher.

First-classers give flowers to the 11th-classers.

Time to say goodbye to the school and to each other.
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