A True Story

 “The bus stopped. People stepped out to make photos of us. Many of them hugged us, smiled and said something. We didn’t understand a word, but we saw that they meant well. Everyone wanted to give us something. They gave us clothes and wanted us to try them on at once.

The bus started and we, two young mothers with our two-week-old babies, sat in the front. What would it be like at the next stop?! What would happen there? We were just 15 and 16. We had nobody, no mother, no granny, no adult to help us. We were on our own with our babies, although we were children ourselves.

This fabulous bus – Bjorn’s bus – brought people from Sweden. They told us about Jesus, too. These people had a desire to help us. We have met some of them later. They became lifelong friends for us, and we got sponsors for ourselves and our children.”