Friend’s House in Pisky Village

Part of the kids come to Friend’s House for help in their homework. Others come to do handicraft or play football etc. The very popular Sunday school takes place once a week. Relief to needy children in the neighbouring villages is also organized in Friend’s House.

Friend’s House is another home for some of the children. It is a home with a loving atmosphere, which not everyone finds in their homes.

Friend’s House is a haven for a kid, when life is stormy.

We also have a mobile unit now: Viktor and Katya fetch kids to Pisky from Stary Basan village, 10 km away, three times a week by minibus.

Sunday school is on Saturdays

Pastor Oleksander from a church in our municipal centre Bobrovitcha leads our Sunday school. Youth teams from different churches are in charge of each week’s program. The Sunday school gathers a lot of children, and they appreciate it highly. Viktor fetches kids from the nearby villages – there is no bus connection. He drives 140 km every Saturday.

Friend’s House is a very busy place:

  • Kids from Pisky come to Friend’s House five times a week after school
  • Kids from Stary Basan come by our minibus three times a week
  • Leisure activities, handiwork, and football for the kids from Pisky
  • The kids have meals in Friend’s House
  • Sunday school
  • Aid to needy children in the neighbouring villages is organized in Friend’s House
  • Aid to refugee children from East Ukraine is organized in Friend’s House
  • Summer camp
  • Excursions, picnics

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