I wish you all a really Happy New Year !

Dear Friends,

2018 is history, 2019 is marching in. In our mission that God has given us here in Ukraine, we meet different kinds of people Families with children in need. who lack the most basic for a daily life Children who are subjected to domestic violence due to alcoholic parents. Children who lost their father in the war in eastern Ukraine. A war is forgotten in the west, but still going on a full scale. The only ones who win on it are the weapons sellers, funeral contractors and coffins manufacturers Our mission here in Ukraine, which the Lord has given us, is to help those who suffer, especially the smallest, children. Being a light in the dark and conveying God’s love and care to those we meet. We have bought food and supplies for many families with children. We move in a world where we meet everything. Grief, lack, vulnerability, rejection, violence, but also love and gratitude Today, New Year’s Eve was a typical such day Viktor picked up two girls from a neighbouring village because they would be included when we bought food for the family. Mom stayed home with a child Not long ago they lost their father in an accident. He was run over by a bus and died. The funeral was two days ago. When the girls waited with us in our help centre “Friends House”. Miriam sat and talked to them and they pressed themselves near Miriam to get care and love, especially at this moment. It is one of Miriam’s tasks, to be a comforter. We were also with another family with seven children, which we have long known. The mother was lying in bed and was not good at all. I was shocked to see her so. One of the older siblings looked at Mum and then on me with grief and fear in her eyes. I told her we should do what we can to help financially. All healthcare costs money in Ukraine, and this family does not always have enough food I recognized myself in the 16-year-old girl’s situation. I was 16 when my mother died of cancer and I became orphaned. Seeing all these different situations may seem awkward and heavy, but we gain strength in our faith in God. We would not be able to be a light in the dark and comforters of the need if we did not have a faith that carried us. We also have many moments of gratitude and joy from people we help. Now we are looking forward to the new year 2019 which I think have much positive to give. There is a hope and a future that can be bright if you light your inner lamp, and not walk in the dark.

I wish you all a really Happy New Year!

Boas Adolphi Missionary and comforter, together with Wife Mirjam working in Ukraine since 1991

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