Home Alone

It’s not always that I and my friends like to go to school. It can be nice to skip a few lessons or to be in quarantine. It seems cool in the beginning. You can sit at home where no bells ring for lessons. You can do what you like, nobody controls you. Just like Kevin in the movie – home alone.

I didn’t enjoy distant education very long. We have yet another quarantine and our school is closed. We study by phone, which is tough and boring. I realize that it’s really tiresome to sit at home all the time. I want to go to school, talk with my friends and classmates, meet my teachers, sit at the desk and run in the corridors. Not just chat in a chatroom at home. I can hardly wait for the quarantine to end. Distant education is boring. Many of my friends would also like to go to school, although they used to dream of skipping a few school days.

Luckily, we have Friend’s House. It makes me happy. Here we can play games, read, draw and just be together.

And we have Sunday school on Saturdays. I enjoy helping the adults there and being nice.

I do hope we could go to school again and not just sit at home getting bored. That’s how my days go.

Wrote Kristina, I’m 13 already

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