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Holiday Joy

For the second year, Ukraine celebrates Christmas on December 25, and they also keep the traditional Orthodox Christmas celebration on January 7. The tradition continues to wish each other a happy New Year and a greeting on the birthday of Jesus Christ – in that order. It is part of the Christmas tradition of giving gifts. When you give, you become happy. Do you want to give a gift to an underprivileged child in Ukraine?  

Families with children receive food packages and each child receives a gift

The family’s situation is different and the needs are different. We adapt the gifts according to the situation and size of the families.
The smallest food package about 30 Euro
Medium size food package 50 Euro
Large food package 80 Euro
In addition, each child receives their own gift – about SEK 8-10 Euro
Children in Ukraine are waiting for Christmas and New Year

The most loved celebration they know. The Christmas tree is taken on New Year’s Eve. The tables are set with, salad olive oil, chicken, mandarins and other good things.  “Santa” – Grandfather Frost brings gifts to the children or may have already been home with them when no one has seen it and put the gifts under the Christmas tree. This is a wish picture of how it could be, but for most families with children, which we help at the Children’s Embassy it’s just an impossibility. The money is simply not enough, not even for the everyday living

Do you want to share your joy of this holiday season with a vulnerable child in Ukraine?

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The bank account in Ukraine
Bic code (Swift) ICBIUAUKXXX
Name of the bank: PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC
Address of the bank: 8 Illinska, 04070 Kyiv
Name of beneficiary: Charity Org. Haver
Post address: 174060 Ukraine
Purpose: Charity

The bank account in Sweden
Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad
Account Nr (IBAN) SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987

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