Heartfelt thanks ❤

You gave warmth to children’s feet. Many thanks for collecting shoes for children. Thank you is the least we can say. I am deeply touched to see how happy the children are.

/ Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

They send you their greetings

Photo: Lyuda, 13

“Thank you for these beautiful shoes. They fit me perfectly. And they are so warm.” – Lyuda, 13

Photo:  Kiril, 9
Photo: Sonya, 8

“My sister and I are very happy about our new shoes. Hers are pink and mine are grey. We’ll not be cold when tobogganing now.” – Kiril and Sonya

Photo: Roma, 12

“Hi you people in Finland who gave us shoes. Thank you!” – Roma, 12

Photo: Nazar, 10

“Finland is so far away. Our boots travelled long to come to us. Thanks.” – Nazar, 10

Photo: Vitya, 12

“Very nice shoes. I tried them at once, and they are warm. I’ll go to school and remember your kindness.” – Vitya, 12

Photo: Sasha and Kolya

“I was surprised to have shoes for my children. To think that people in far-away Finland collected shoes for our children! Warm thanks for caring. May the Lord help you continue working miracles for others.” – Mother Valya and children

Photo: Yura, 16

“I’m really grateful for the shoes. I wore the old ones for two years and they were already too small and ragged. Thanks for making me happy and helping.” – Yura, 16

Photo: Slavik, 14

“These shoes are great. They are warm and look good. Thanks for thinking of us and helping.” – Slavik, 14

“I am thankful for the children’s shoes. Many thanks for your help. I could not even imagine that Finnish people understand our children’s needs and collect shoes for them. Your deeds are good. May the Lord bless you.” – Sincerely, mother Viktoria and children

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