Greetings from a wounded Ukraine

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing… Psalm 68:6

We are writing from a wounded Ukraine. Not only by the war in the east, but also by the tailspin economy. The currency hryvnia is hitting the bottom. The prices are soaring, while the wages remain unchanged.

• Underground ticket from 2 to 4 hryvnia
• Bus from 2 to 5 hryvnia
• Food prices have risen up to four-fold.

Our staff participated in a forum ”Ukraine’s benefactors”. There were about 350 attendants. We discussed questions around the theme where the voluntary workers and charity organizations should focus in today’s situation. Should we help the soldiers, acquire arms and supplies, help the refugees? Or should we continue in the work we once started? Most of the organizations that have registered here lately are addressing their help to ”ATO”, the antiterrorism ¬operation. This is how the situation in the war zone in eastern Ukraine is called. Half of the long-established organizations have also transferred their support to ”ATO.”

We in Children’s Embassy have also been praying and discussing how we should react to the present situation in Ukraine. We continue helping children, and we help the refugee families in our area as far as possible. Many children have lost their fathers in the war. We help them and the widows who live here. We give acute help whenever we can, but we keep our focus on the work we received from God.Events and prayer subjects:

We are praying for and planning the children’s summer camp.

  • We are preparing to receive humanitarian help from Finland.
  • Vitja has found an apartment. Pray for him to find a suitable job.
  • Pray for Tanja M. She grew up in Friend’s House. After their mother died, Tanja and her sister and brother inherited mother’s house. Tanja’s brother who was released from prison was allowed to live there. He was an alcoholic. One night, the house burned down and the brother died in the fire. Tanja is desperate. Please pray for her.
  • We are preparing to welcome a new refugee family in Friend’s House.

We are thankful of everyone who is faithfully supporting our work in Kyiv and in Friend’s House. This time we must emphasize the need for new regular supporters. Many fatherless children need the day centre in Friend’s House.

If you want to be a sponsor, do this:

  • Write : Mirjam and tell her you want to have a child to sponsor.
  • If you have any wishes, feel free to mention them.
  • When you receive a child’s name, pay 30 euro monthly. You will have more information about the child.

You can become a monthly donor, a friend of Friend’s House, by paying 20 euro monthly. The money goes to our work with the families and in Friend’s House.

Do this:

  • Pay 20 euro in the account. Write ”Friends House” and your address. Also give your email address if you have one.
    Contact person: Jennifer

Thank you Oili Räsänen for translation help.


With love to God

Boas and Mirjam Adolphi

Please make your donations to:

Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad

Account Nr (IBAN)

SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987


 Bank, NORDEA Sweden

You can donate secure on line, with Payson



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