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Yesterday we went together with Viktor Pavlovitj, our manager in Piski, to visit a family. The mother is dead so the dad lives alone with the two daughters, 6 and 8 years old. They need our help to get ready for the new school term. They need backpacks, clothes, shoes and school supplies. We brought along our new friend, Dubi the teddy bear. At first, I was afraid that the family would think that it’s weird that a grown-up brings a teddy bear along to a meeting. But actually, Dubi helped me.

Katerina- Coordinator of aid-programs

Dubi tells the story 🧸

The minivan came with Viktor Pavlovitj och Mama – Katja. She works at Children’s Embassy with helping kids. I also want to help kids! Wow, what a ride we had, we went so far. I was excited to meet the girls. This morning Mami didn’t have to wake me, I woke up on my own. I thought about the girls that didn’t have a mum, and that today I was gonna meet them. I feel bad for them that they don’t have a mum and I really wanted to tell them such kind words that my Mami always tells me.

When we arrived I wanted to cry, I felt sad to meet the girls that have no mum. But I told myself to be strong and to not cry.

I was the first one to greet the girls.

Hi, my name is Dubi.
-My name is Darinka.
-My name is Katjusha.

We immediately became friends! I was happy when I saw how much their dad loves them. But, he has to be away and work a lot to get money for food and school supplies for Darinka and Katjusha. Now I understood why we are here – we can help them! While I was playing with the girls Mami Katja and Viktor Pavlovitj talked to their dad about what they need to be prepared for the school start.

The time went past far to quickly, I had so much fun together with Darinka and Katjusha. The girls gave me hugs and kisses, and suddenly it was time to leave

Bye bye Dubi. Will you come back?
-I will come back! I need to bring you your school supplies and clothes. I am here to help!

🧸Dubi, Children’s Embassy’s own Teddy bear

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For the families we work with it’s not economically possible to equip their kids with clothes and school supplies.

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The bank account in Ukraine
Bic code (Swift) ICBIUAUKXXX
Name of the bank: PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC
Address of the bank: 8 Illinska, 04070 Kyiv
Name of beneficiary: Charity Org. Haver
Post address: 174060 Ukraine
Purpose: Charity

The bank account in Sweden
Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad
Account Nr (IBAN) SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987

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