Friends House is also my home

I’m Tanya, and this is my week to tell you about Friend’s House and the children who come here.
I love my job. I’m part of a wonderful team with an incredibly big heart.
Our whole team, that’s you, we and the children. ❤

For me, Friend’s House it is my home 

For me, Friend’s House is not just a place of work, but something more. It is my home where I live with my four children.

I understand what Friend’s House means for the village kids. Life here in the countryside is quite different from what it is in the city. The kids have no activities and nowhere to go in the village.

Oasis for the village kids

Friend’s House is like an oasis for the village kids.
Imagine a small village with no sportsfields, hobby groups, parks or cinemas… What can the kids do there?

The kids come to Friend’s House. They have fun, they laugh, run, jump and just spend time together. They have this place, because you have helped.

The minibus is our extended arm

Our minibus is a great helper in Friend’s House. It is small but does a great job. Without this helper, Friend’s House would function poorly.

It is like a mobile Friend’s House; it runs from day to day, from week to week and from year to year, in all kinds of weather and in all seasons. It fetches kids to Friend’s House from the nearby villages.
Our bus is especially busy on Saturdays. It runs around the villages, along poor roads, fetching kids to our popular Sunday school. And afterwards, it must take the kids back to their villages.

The minibus is our extended arm. It delivers food to families, clothes, medicines and other things to children. And it takes the children to the summer camp. We need and appreciate our bus highly. It is called Bussik here in Pisky. It is absolutely indispensible for us.

Thank you for Friend’s House

Childhood for the kids in our village is more fun and interesting now that they can come to Friend’s House.
You can hear birds singing and kids laughing there.

I wish to hug each one of you and say – Thank you for Friend’s House.

Tanya – Social media coordinator

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