Easter greetings from Ukraine

Dear friends, I wish you a beautiful Easter. First of all, I want to thank you for your help. May you always be happy, healthy and well. We hope that no harm comes your way.
Father Yevgen

I wish you a happy Easter!
It has become the most important holiday of the year – Easter. May this spring holiday fill your home with all good things, Easter pastries, egg painting and sincere faith. May your prayers reach the hearts of those near and dear. Rejoice in the resurrection of Christ and feast with the gifts of nature and your table. Christ is risen!
Thank you for helping my family in these difficult times.
Sincerely, mother Nadia

Thank you for your help. I and my children wish you a beautiful Easter time. We wish you good health, happiness and goodness.
Mother Alina

Dear friends, here is a greeting from me and my children: Happy Easter. We wish your family wellbeing and health.
Thank you for all your help.
Mother Olena

In good hope and smiling, we say – Christ is risen. We celebrate Easter. We hope that peace and goodness are with you today. Have good health, joy, peace of mind, happiness, friends’ help, a festive table and all good things, faith in better times, love, hope, success and many light days. Have a happy Easter!
Thank you for helping and supporting our family.
Mother Viktoria

Easter greetings to you!
May this Easter bring good things only in your home. Many thanks for helping us in these difficult times. The strict quarantine is continuing, but we hope it is soon over.
Sincerely, mother Valya

Easter greetings! We wish you all good things and peace.
Thank you for all the help we have received. Especially now that we are quarantined. Without your help, I and my children would be very hard up. You have helped us so much. The food package and the seeds were really welcome.
Sincerely, mother Nina

I greet you at this light Easter holiday, wishing you all good things and only the best. May all disagreement end and forgiveness prevail during this feast day. I wish you a happy Easter.
I want to thank you for helping me and my children. It is very much appreciated.
Mother Nastya

Easter greetings from me to you. Christ is risen! I wish you goodness, wellness and happiness. May the Lord give you joy and health.
Thank you for all the help we have received.
Sincerely, Vanya, 14

Please accept my greetings and my wishes for a happy Easter. Christ is risen.
I hope that happiness enters your home. May it give love and warmth.
Thank you so much for helping us. Dima, 12

I want to extend my thanks to you who donated money to buy seeds for our family!!! It was such a happy surprise for me that we received all the seeds we needed. It means a lot to us financially. We will be able to eat vegetables from our own garden. I am very thankful! Thank you who participated in the spring campaign.
I wish you happy Easter!!! Health and joy to you and your family!!!
Mother Olga

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