Dubi Bear Is Lonely

I miss all the kids so much. Friend’s House used to be full of kids. It was nice. We played games, listened to stories and did homework together. Friend’s House – it’s my home.

I joined the kids and listened to stories. Nadya always had something new and exciting to tell us.

Zhenya is my pal. He lives in Friend’s House with his mom, two brothers, one sister, parrot and cat.

Zhenya and I were looking forward to the 1st of September, the great festive day when the school and Friend’s House open their doors. We cleaned, washed and made Friend’s House nice. There is a new bouncy carpet, ping-pong table and all kinds of stuff. It’s a long time: one, two, three, four, five – yes, six months since the kids went to school and came here. Viktor and Katya have taken foodstuffs to my friends. They didn’t take me with them, because the quarantine is on teddy bears, too.

My friends received school staff. It was much fun. I saw that Zhenya’s mother bought her kids pens, notebooks and things. I’d like to give them something, too. Yes, I love my honey, but I want to save it to share with the kids. I lay in the yard, dreaming of the honey that we could enjoy together.
The 1st of September came. I hurried up with my breakfast so I could sit at the window on time. I sat on the window sill and waited. I listened, but it was silent. I looked, but could not see my friends. I washed my ears – maybe there was vax that blocked my hearing. It didn’t help. I couldn’t hear the kids.

I saw Zhenya: ”Hi, why are you at home and not at school?” I asked him.
”Quarantine again,” Zhenya said.
”How long?”
”At least another two weeks.” he said.

No, I’m not crying… just something wet on my cheeks. I’m not here to cry. I’m here to cheer up the kids. Though it would be much nicer to miss each other together. Anyway, I’m not eating my honey. I keep it. It’s much nicer to wait, as it will taste much better when we eat it together.

Greetings and hugs, Dubi Bear

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