Dogs and children

You were happy and strong, but someone left you on the streets and the streets weren’t kind.

But still, you don’t give up. You found a friend, you can again trust people. You are again a happy dog.

You were little and weak, but someone left you on the streets and the street wasn’t kind.

This was how we found you. You were a little child living on the street.

Today you are happy and can again trust people.

My husband and I help children in Ukraine. It all began when we saw stray dogs caring for the children on the street. The dogs kept the children warm; the two groups gave each other the love both of them lacked.

The children and dogs were always together. This touched our hearts, and the question arose from within:

”Is it true that these dogs care about the children more than we humans do?”

This is how we started the work, and Friends House was born. There. We take care of the children. It’s a place when it’s storming in life.

We are grateful to all good people who care about children.
גגג הככ
This dog in the photo had luck. It’s living with other dogs in a place the owner truly takes care of stray dogs.

After all, life can be more beautiful. Let’s make life beautiful.

With love

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