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Hello, my name is Nadia. I’m 71 and had to learn to use the smart phone and the computer at this age.

It was because of the quarantine. The children who visited Friend’s House were under quarantine and I missed them. I wanted to talk to them and to know how they were doing.

At first, I needed help from my young colleagues in order to handle the computer and the smart phone. Then I decided to manage on my own. One cannot ask for help all the time.

”Is it really impossible to overcome this barrier alone?” I asked myself. “Of course I can manage.”

I received the smart phone a year ago. It was totally alien for me. I used it in the same way as I used the old phone.
I couldn’t understand my colleagues who kept tapping on their phones. They were always doing something with them. By now, I’ve caught up with them. I don’t even go to bed before checking Facebook and other social networks.

I’m on my way now. I don’t watch TV in the evening; instead, I check the updates. And I keep thinking what news we could share with our friends abroad.

The computer is not a very difficult thing – my fear was in vain. I have responsible instructors: my young colleagues.

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