Deep gratitude in my heart

You gave children warm clothes and transmitted your own warmth.
Many thanks to Victor Divnich and his team for collecting warm jackets for children.

“Thank you” is the least we can say in response to your help. It moves me deeply. The children enjoy their warm clothes and are very grateful.

“I’m a single mother. We received miraculous help for which I and my children are very happy. Thank you for the warm clothes.” – – Mother Tanya & children

Photo: Mother Tanya with her son

“I received a winter coat, such a warm and beautiful one. Something I had hoped for. I’m not afraid of cold weather now. When I wear it, I remember you warmly. Thank you for the coat. I wish all of you health and God’s blessing. Thank you.” – Mother Aleksandra

Photo: Mother Aleksandra

“You did a very good deed. The help was really welcome to us. Thank you for helping me and my children.” – Mother Viktoria & children

Photo: Arsen, 10
Photo: Mother Viktoria

“Thank you for the pretty red coat. I’ll wear it when I go to school.” – Sonya, 8 v.

Photo: Sonya, 9
Photo: Slavik, 14
Photo: Nastya 12
Photo: Dasha, 10
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