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Warm winter campaign is continuing

We thank all of you who contributed to the Warm Winter campaign. However, we can now see that the needs were greater than we could guess. So we are continuing the campaign until all the children are clothed. We’ll tell you when the goal is reached.  You can follow the campaign here.
13 more children need winter shoes, 2 need a warm coat and 2 need warm trousers. Two more families are asking for firewood.

Warm Winter campaign
26.10-16.11.2018  Continues

Urgent needs right now:

  • 2 families need firewood
  • 13 pairs of winter boots
  • 2 winter jackets
  • trousers, caps, sweaters, mittens, socks…

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The bank account in Ukraine
Bic code (Swift) ICBIUAUKXXX
Name of the bank: PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC
Address of the bank: 8 Illinska, 04070 Kyiv
Name of beneficiary: Charity Org. Haver
Post address: 174060 Ukraine
Purpose: Charity

The bank account in Sweden
Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad
Account Nr (IBAN) SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987

You can make the cold winter warmer for a child

Your help is needed now, as frost is creeping to the homes.

At bedtime, the children put their woolen socks, cardigans and thick trousers on. They hug a hot-water bottle for warmth and hide under the blankets, but it is still cold.

The heating season in Ukrainian cities follows the calendar, not the weather. It starts on 15th October and ends on 15th April. The heat is not in the radiators yet, anyway. The electricity, gas, water and waste fees are soaring. The minimum pay in Ukraine is 115.43 Euros, and the fees take no less than 94% of it (110.06 Euros)! Hardly anything is left for food, let alone warm clothes and boots. Your help is much appreciated.

The villages

The families in the villages need firewood and warm clothes and boots for the children. The families we are helping cannot buy these.

The children and students among the IDPs from eastern Ukraine are desperate. They are starting their fifth winter in Bobrovicha, and their situation is not improving – on the contrary. They, too, need winter clothes and boots. We receive many appeals from families. This is one of them:

“I live in a rented cottage with my son Roman. Each month I pay the rent and the utility fees. When my husband was with us, he took care of the firewood. But he died two years ago. We received help for the firewood last year. We live on social assistance and Roman’s invalid allowance. This is not enough. Please help us buy firewood and have a warm home.”


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