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Urgent need. It has already become cold, but families do not have firewood, and the children do not have warm clothes and shoes.The quarantine has been going on for more than half a year. No one could have foreseen such a long quarantine because of the corona. Some parents are still unable to work because of this.

This is needed: For clothes and shoes, approximately  65€ /USD – is needed for a child.

And to buy firewood for a family 200€ / USDAll help is welcome 20€ – 40€ – 60€ – or give in to your possibilities

Let me tell you the story of a family who asked for help single mother with 5 children asked help from our team in Ukraine. She does not have the money to buy firewood, warm clothes, and shoes for her children. Mom’s income is very low. Without help, she can not do this.

In the picture: She takes the last part of the fence for firewood and remnants of the last firewood. “Tomorrow” they have nothing to heat their house with. Not only does this family have such a situation, but many families with children also need help. Help a child today – to warm up already “tomorrow.”

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