Could you help a child in Ukraine, 
to be equipped for school start?

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Fill the backpack of a school child in Ukraine?

Full set: Clothes, shoes and school supplies-120 USD/105E

  • Clothes and shoes-70 USD/60 €
  • School supplies -50 USD/ 45€
  • Give the gift of your heart and according to your wallet!

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The bank account in Ukraine
Bic code (Swift) ICBIUAUKXXX
Name of the bank: PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC
Address of the bank: 8 Illinska, 04070 Kyiv
Name of beneficiary: Charity Org. Haver
Post address: 174060 Ukraine
Purpose: Charity

The bank account in Sweden
Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad
Account Nr (IBAN) SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987

Beginning of a new school year – we all know the feeling here in the Western world. Who has grown 3 inches taller, who has cut their hair, who will have the newest version of a smartphone?

Let us switch to Ukrainian perspective. For the kids that we help the worries can be a bit different.
The start of a new school year is one of the biggest celebrations in Ukraine. The families are preparing themselves, dressing up nicely and bringing flowers to the teacher.

Children’s Embassy receives many requests from families to help equip their kids for school. Below we publish the letter from an anxious mother:

Can you help me?

I have five children, three of them already go to school. We live on a small farm where we try to be self-supporting from our own produce. Our child benefits are only 24 € monthly. My husband has occasional jobs. It’s impossible to equip the kids for school with our income. The first of September is so soon. It hurts to hear the kids ask:

“Mom, how can we go to school? Everybody comes there so nicely dressed, but what about us…?”

Tanya, a mother of four, works in Children’s Embassy in Kyiv. Her experience of a different life experience in the streets is valuable for our work. Tanya shares the bitter memory of her own school start.“It’s hard to think about my miserable school memories. The first day at school was wretched for me. I hated it. I was 9 and I  literally wanted to hurt myself, to escape going to school. I wished dad had a bad hangover so he’d forget to send me to school.

What was it that I hated so much?

Everyone else came to school nicely dressed, with a new backpack, holding mom’s or dad’s hand. The Principal congratulated everyone at the start of school. But it was no festive day for me. Tears ran from my eyes and I wanted to escape.

I covered my eyes with my hands, I did not want to go into the classroom with the others. I was ashamed of my old clothes, my torn and mended sandals, my backpack with a broken zip. I felt like the other kids laughed behind my back and I saw their glances.

I started to skip school and stay in the streets. When I turned 10, I stopped going to school completely and became a street child.

Now, I can help others to a better life, and you can change a child’s destiny. You can equip a child for school – it’s easy if you try…” /Tanya

Would you want to help children to make the school start a joyful occasion? Make your donation today