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Children need help more than ever. The need is huge in Ukraine right now. Corona, war, and poverty.
Do you want to give a special gift before Christmas and New Year on 31 December?

We have extended the campaign until January 7 because there is such a great need in Ukraine during this pandemic.

Your gift can help a child in need in a turbulent time.
Your gift is needed to:
– Corona pandemic means an even greater need to help children in need. The children have been quarantined for over six months. The pandemic has also had a catastrophic impact on families’ finances.
A child needs help with food, medicine, clothes, shoes and more.
– If a child does not receive help, there is a risk that the child ends up in an institution – state orphanage, instead of being allowed to stay in their own home, with their mother/father. Food, clothes are needed …
– Due to the pandemic, the need for help has increased dramatically. Much more money is needed to cope with the need.
Your gift will be used to help children in need of food, clothes, shoes, medicines – and activities in the House of Friends. Your support helps with all the work that the Children’s Embassy does for children in Ukraine.
I know you care about children, which is why I’m writing this letter. I’m grateful I can share this with you.
Send your special Christmas – New Year gift preferably before 31 December, so they have time to get food on the table and a dignified holiday.
Mirjam Adolphi
Founder and Ambassador, Children’s Embassy

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