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Toward a better school year

It’s soon time to pack the rucksacks again. Ukrainian school children have a terrible year behind them: long periods of quarantine and varying distance education.

The mood was low in many homes; not everyone could buy cell phones and pay for Internet connections, and many lacked the skills necessary for participating online. The covid year destroyed a multitude of jobs, and many families have no money to buy clothes and shoes for their growing children.

”I’ve never missed school as terribly much as now”, says 14-year-old Zhenya, who used to hate school. His attitude has changed: ”I promise never to cut classes, disturb lessons or be rude to teachers. I’ll do my homework and listen carefully. But at school, not at home.”

We are going to pack notebooks and pencils in their rucksacks, together with new enthusiasm and hope for the future. Together, we can provide the children with clothes, shoes school things and school lunches.

A few examples of what they need

• Rucksacks
• Pencil boxes
• Pencils
• Crayons
• Rubbers
• Glue
• Rulers
• Notebooks, School diaries
• School clothes
• Shoes
• Sports shoes
• Sportswear

Examples of costs:

Clothes & shoes: 80 €
School things: 70 €
School lunch: 120 € / year
You can contribute now. – Give a child a good start at school.
We appreciate every contribution – whether big or small!

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