Christmas in Our Hearts – All Year

Hannu & Oili Räsänen’s  Christmas visit to Children’s Embassy, Ukraine.

Our Christmas in Ukraine is over. What did we learn?

Donations Reach Their Goal

We felt this in a tangible way, as we went shopping and delivered food and Christmas presents to families.

We Have Generous Friends

Many friends and many unknown people donated money and knitted warm presents to bring warmth and joy to Ukrainian children.

Displaced People Miss Their Homes

The visit to the cold refugee centre made us sad. They had hoped to return home soon, but the war in eastern Ukraine goes on and on.

The Children’s Embassy Team in Ukraine Is Incredible

They met the needs of dozens of families again. The team members knew the children’s cloth and shoe sizes by heart. And they had cooperated with Santa Claus to surprise every child with just the present they had written about.

The Team Has Versatile Talents

How do you transport food bags and ten people from one village to another by a small Lada sedan? How do you plan and implement the delivery of food parcels over a short season? How do you organize a New Year’s Party and lunch for a hundred people in Friend’s House? – Ask our Team!

The Children Are Talented

They baked gingerbread professionally. – Of course, they had done it a year ago already. They also wanted to write the recipe down. Their songs, poems and dance performances in the New Year’s Party were amazing.

The Children Are Lovely

Although we could talk very little, many of the children are our friends. Their happy cries (”Oulii, Hanuu!”)

Photo: Hannu Räsänen

Text:  Oili Räsänen

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