Children’s laughter fills Friend’s House 😀

The children are always impatiently waiting for the weekend. If the weekend goes nicely and everyone is on a good mood, everything is fine.
On Saturdays, Friend’s House is full of laughter from the morning on. Children from our own village and from villages around it arrive. Our local director Viktor Pavlovich fetches them by our van. The first kids arrive at 9 am.

First of all, they watched a Christian cartoon, “Super Book”. Some of them lay on the floor, some sat up, but there was room for everyone.

After the film, the kids chose either the computer class, the drawing table or the play room.

We had lunch and then played the Haver Mini Football Cup.
Gold: Bobrovitcha Team
Silver: Bobrovitcha region United Team
Bronze: Our team Haver

Our lunch took three settings, as there were so many children. Friend’s House is extending, because so many children want to join us. 😀

Tanja V, Coordinator of Social Media

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