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Difficult, but possible. Studying is interesting, and I have always enjoyed cooking. I have found out what fish and meat cost.

Hi, I’m Kiril, a 15-year-old student.

My college studies started remotely. For three weeks, I studied using the browser in my telephone. I searched information during the months that I couldn’t attend the classes.

When the remote instruction ended and the usual studies started, I learned to fillet fish and to make semi finished products of fish. I have also learnt to serve food correctly and to make various porridges.

Our group is very friendly and interesting. Nearly everyone is adequate.

Hopefully, I can return to the classes after the corona lockdown in Ukraine. I can then learn new things. I do hope it will be a good year 2021 and we can return to a normal life. And I hope that nobody gets ill.

I managed to participate in the running championships in Kyiv. I trained hard, as I love sports.

Many thanks to my sponsor Maaret who has helped me for a long time and made all this possible for me. I’m also grateful to all of you who helped me purchase the cook’s clothes for my studies. And to everyone who supports me and cheers me. I’m happy to have you all.

I wish you all good health and just happy times in 2021.

/ Kiril, 15

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