Challenge accepted

A good night’s sleep, healthy food, minimum Internet time, much love and understanding – this is the basis of a child’s mental health. I learnt this on Jennifer’s interesting lectures. We cannot change everything, but we can help and support a child.
/ Tanya

Great information
Thank you Jennifer for coming from Sweden to teach us recognize violence that children can face in their families. We received topical and highly useful material. 
/ Katerina

To create a good relationship with children, you need psychological knowledge. It was good of Jennifer to take up such a significant theme as children’s mental problems. It is a very interesting theme for us.
/ Natalia

Jennifer’s instructions related to working among children with mental symptoms are highly useful. I was especially interested in how to help a mother create a broken relationship with her child.
/ Nadia

The course on the mental health of children and youngsters covered the needs of everyone in the team. It gave us practical tools for our everyday work.
/ Viktor Pavlovich

Listening to good lectures while drinking tea and eating chocolate is a good combination. Jennifer did not mind – she enjoyed chocolate herself. Thank you Jennifer, your course was cool. And it revealed that I feature some ADHD symptoms.
Looking forward to the next lectures!
/ Julia

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