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Home visits

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We visit a few families every Wednesday.The children received clothes and we heard that Misha had been in hospital for appendix operation. He is doing well now. /Photo and text: Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

Thanks for the light

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Mother Natalia and Anton are happy. Their kitchen was recently renovated, but there was no electricity. The power line was drawn on Wednesday and the lamp is bright. /Photo and text: Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

Visiting day

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Thank you for giving clothes to needy children in Ukraine.The kids were so happy for the warm clothes that our team brought from Sweden. Colder weather is approaching, and the clothes came just on time.Thank you for making this possible./ Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

It’s easy to do good

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May God bless all you who are not indifferent to children's needs. Your help is valuable and necessary. Thank you for being part of Zhenya's life. He has glasses now, and his sight will probably be saved. Mother Maria gives thanks for the medicines, too. Medicines and glasses are so expensive that she could not

“I have lunch at school”

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Your donations provide warm lunches for 46 schoolchildren. Thank you for this significant help, the children are grateful. - The food at school is so good that I want to take more./ Arsen, 7 - I no longer have stomach pain now that I have lunch at school. I used to eat at home after

Thanks for the warmth!

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Our Dad died recently. It is difficult for Mom, and we miss him much. We received a lot of firewood, and now our home is warm. Thanks for the warmth! Here I am with my sisters and Mom, happy of the firewood. / Ruslana, 10

Ilya needs acute help

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Three-year-old Ilya broke his collarbone and needs acute surgery. His mother has no money for the operation and nobody to help her. Even a small contribution helps. Ilya needs our support and our prayers now. Mother has a difficult year behind her: she broke her leg twice. Let's not leave this family alone.

Dear Friends!

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Many thanks for your help - the warm clothes are really necessary for my family. The children can now go outdoors and go to school when it is cold. When my husband died, I was left alone with four children. They are happy about the support, and so am I. May the Lord bless and