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Different Gifts

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Do you find it hard to think of gifts to your near and dear ones? I do. For instance, my mother. She already has everything she needs, and bookshelves full of books waiting to be read. What should I buy her for Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day? I have now made a new habit of donating

Time to unbox

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I'm sorting out the clothes that travelled the long way from Sweden to Ukraine. Thank you all who made this possible. I need a view of what we have, so that I can deliver the right kind of clothes to the children who need them most. / Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

… and on corona again

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One large family is now in isolation due to corona. The entire family is ill. We pray that they get well soon and recover their strength. They soon ran out of food, almost nothing was left for them to eat. We had to react without delay to save the family from going hungry. We went

Viktor Divnich writes:

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Dear friends, volunteer initiative Центр Гостинності is continuing its mission to do good under the quarantine and the second wave. You are our priority partner. Our volunteers continue to collect clothes and other things for children and adults. We are with you. We carry on together… Photo: Katerina Many thanks to Viktor Divnich and Центр Гостинності

Thanks for the food

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Heartfelt thanks for the food that my family so urgently needs. I have no job now, and no jobs are available in the whole village. My three children have no other support. We try to manage on my mother's pension. Thank you for responding to my request for help. May God bless you and give

Heartfelt thanks ❤

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You gave warmth to children’s feet. Many thanks for collecting shoes for children. Thank you is the least we can say. I am deeply touched to see how happy the children are. / Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme Photo: Lyuda, 13 "Thank you for these beautiful shoes. They fit me perfectly. And they are

Many thanks for the food

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A Christmas miracle happened to us, thanks to you. You made a feast for this family and children.  Mother Viktoria writes: "Many thanks for the food. We were able to lay the table, and the children had their Christmas and New Year's feast. We thank you for thinking of us and helping us." -Mother Viktoria

Home visits

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We visit a few families every Wednesday.The children received clothes and we heard that Misha had been in hospital for appendix operation. He is doing well now. /Photo and text: Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

Thanks for the light

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Mother Natalia and Anton are happy. Their kitchen was recently renovated, but there was no electricity. The power line was drawn on Wednesday and the lamp is bright. /Photo and text: Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme