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Urgent Needs

Urgent need of water

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How to live without water? They have no water to drink, no water for cooking or washing... To bore a well and draw a pipe into the house requires about 10 000 UAH or 305 Euro. The family does not have this money. A single mother and her retarded son ask for help to have

Quarantine and Hunger

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The corona quarantine is continuing to cause an urgent need of food for families. Although the lockdown is easing a little, the food distress remains. We need your help today to buy food for the children. The need is 36 Euro per child per month. Traffic communications are still closed, and parents cannot go to

What’s for lunch today?

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Children are hungry. Conseqences of Corona

This is what mothers ask themselves now. Due to the corona crisis, they have no money. "I have no food at home, and no money. This is so hard." I hear these words more and more often now when the mothers phone me.You can help them manage. Your gift can help a child in these

Tanya needs help NOW!

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Tanya Verozub is member of our team in Ukraine. She is single mother of four and lives in Friend's House. Tanya is a significant link in our work. She is now in intensive care in hospital.Tanya had stomach pain that turned out to be bleeding gastric ulcer. She needed urgent surgery to save her life.Tanya

They need our help

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Natalia is a single mother of three - the youngest one is handicapped. They live in a one-room hut where the heating/cooking oven needs repair. The repair costs about 230 Euro. Natalia also needs help plowing her vegetable garden and buying seeds. Your support will be much appreciated./ Katerina Write down the target of your