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In the picture: She takes the last part of the fence for firewood and remnants of the last firewood. “Tomorrow” they have nothing to heat their house with.

Not only does this family have such a situation, but many families with children also need help. Help a child today – to warm up already “tomorrow.”

At bedtime, the children put their woolen socks, cardigans and thick trousers on. They hug a hot-water bottle for warmth and hide under the blankets, but it is still cold. An ordinary Monday morning. Nadya, 9 years old, wakes up. It feels cold to get out of bed, she would rather stay under her warm blankets. And it is cold. It is cold outside, and it is cold inside their home. The family has to limit its use of firewood, there is no money to buy more.

Her two younger brothers stay in their beds, they are still too young to go to school. Her mother has already left for work, at the farm where she tends to the cattle. She left a pot of borsch-soup on the stove. Nadja shivers from the cold, the stove is already cold, her mum went to work already at four. Nadja eats some soup for breakfast, waiting for her mum to return and send her off to school.

The autumn weather is already cold, and she has no footwear but her thin trainers. Her old winter boots are too small this year, as is the winter jacket. She enjoys the soup and a piece of bread. Her mother has left one piece for each child.

Nadya starts daydreaming. Firewood, a warm home, warm winter boots, a warm jacket, mittens, a hat…

This is the reality for many children. However, we can help to fulfill those dreams of a warm winter. Our annual fundraising “Warm winter” is now on it’s final straight. The outdoor temperature in winter does not differ much from our countries, in Britain and the Nordics, it is the indoor temperature that is the difference. The houses are poorly insulated, and the children often sleep fully dressed, in jackets and warm pants.

The children are in need of warm clothing, whereas the strained economy of many families does not give room for that, as they barely have the money to get by, day by day. Do you want to join forces with us to give the children a warm winter? There is a need for warm clothing, boots, and firewood to spread warmth. Even the smallest contribution has an impact on a kid’s life. You can make the cold winter warmer for a child. Your help is needed now, as frost is creeping to the homes. Please make your donation today.


Urgent need of water

How to live without water? They have no water to drink, no water for cooking or washing…

To bore a well and draw a pipe into the house requires about 10 000 UAH or 305 Euro. The family does not have this money.

A single mother and her retarded son ask for help to have running water.

Our relief team visited the family and heard that their well has been dry for two months. Another well about a hundred metres from the house yields a little clayey water.

This is their only source of water now. The mother carries buckets of clayey water into the house and filters it as best she can. She then boils the water she uses for cooking. Washing and laundry are a problem!

To bore a well on the site and to draw a water pipe into the house would solve her problem.
Would you like to help? Your help is needed.

Would you want to help?

Give the gift of your heart and according to your wallet! Every small contribution is valuable.

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Make your donation today!

Quarantine and Hunger

The corona quarantine is continuing to cause an urgent need of food for families. Although the lockdown is easing a little, the food distress remains.

We need your help today to buy food for the children. The need is 36 Euro per child per month.

Traffic communications are still closed, and parents cannot go to work. They get no pay and no remunerations.
The children suffer from every single day their parents cannot work.

The quarantine shields from disease but not from hunger.
Would you like to give a food parcel for a child?

Children are hungry. Conseqences of Corona

What’s for lunch today?

This is what mothers ask themselves now. Due to the corona crisis, they have no money.

“I have no food at home, and no money.

This is so hard.”

I hear these words more and more often now when the mothers phone me.
You can help them manage. Your gift can help a child in these difficult times of quarantine.

/ Katerina – coordinator of the relief programme

What shall we eat today?

Hunger is a big problem during quarantine.

Visiting homes, I feel so sorry for the families who have nothing to eat. Mother mixes just flour and water into “pasta”. They have no bread, potatoes or oil.

Help a family today. Your gift provides food for a family.

Everyone faces difficulty under quarantine. A poor family that already lived below the poverty line is in serious trouble now.

/ Katerina – programme coordinator

Merry Christmas?

Yes, it was a merry Christmas for many poor families in our area in Ukraine. It was made merry by all you who donated for the Christmas campaign. Many poor families were able to offer festive meals for their children.
/ Boas Adolphi

Ukraine celebrated Christmas twice: on December 24th by the Gregorian calendar and on January 7th by Julian calendar. The campaign is over now, and we thank all who donated.
”I was deeply touched when I handled the photos and translated the families’ messages of gratitude. I saw shopping bags full of basic foodstuffs: oil, flakes, flour, fish, eggs, and some sausage for the Olivie salad. You made a feast for the families. Thank you!”
/ Mirjam Adolphi

See photos and thanks on our website by clicking on category Share your joy of holiday https://childrensembassy.com/category/current-campaign/share-your-joy-of-holiday/

Thank you for your help
Thank you so much for helping my family. Thank you for the food for New Year and Christmas. We needed help badly and are happy to have food for the festive season.
/ Mother Natalia

Photo: Katerina Voloshin

Many thanks for the food and all help that I and my children had in our time of distress. You are kind and good people. I hope you have success in everything you do. I also wish you a happy new year. I am grateful to you for everything.
/ Mother Nastya

Photo: Katerina Voloshin

Thank you for the Christmas feast!

My children and I are happy to have a feast. We wish to greet you on Christmas and wish you a happy new year. We hope you have health, happiness and all good things.
May the Lord bless you! 💕

/ Mother Natalya
Photo: Katerina