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English lessons from England

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Over a year ago now when most countries were in some form of lockdown and travel was very restricted a plethora of different ways to adapt to the new normal were devised. One of these was to have regular coffee meetings between the teams in Ukraine and the supporters in other countries. It wasn’t the

Jumpers and cardigans knotted with love

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The war in eastern Ukraine startled me as many other Finns. As the news decreased, the Ukrainian's distress was forgotten. In 2015, Oili and Hannu Räsänen showed pictures and told about their first journey to Ukraine. Something stirred in my heart. Could I do something? Money is of course important, but could I also do

Dubi Bear Is Lonely

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I miss all the kids so much. Friend’s House used to be full of kids. It was nice. We played games, listened to stories and did homework together. Friend’s House – it’s my home. I joined the kids and listened to stories. Nadya always had something new and exciting to tell us. Zhenya is my

Ukraine Re-visited

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Chestnut and lilac blossoms welcomed us for our second visit to Ukraine. This time we were a group of four; we met old acquaintances and new friends and godchildren. We were happy to bring a gift from our friends in ”MaPa Projects”, to meet a child’s acute need. Social welfare worker Tanya took us to