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Hot news from Kyiv

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We had hot water again today - this is our hot news after three months of only cold tap water in the district. When my daughter Kristina wanted to take a bath, there was only rusty brown water, but it was warm... No need now to save the hot water from kettles and teemakers for

No relief in sight

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When the staff buy food for Friend's House, they see that prices have risen again: milk by 4 UAH, eggs by 5, a kilo of flour by 2. Even the season's vegetables are more expensive than before. On October 18th, domestic gas rises by 23%, which will be seen in all other prices soon. The

News from Ukraine

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Parents whose children go to school or kindergarten are now requested to pay any voluntary gifts directly to the relevant bank accounts and to require information about how the money was used. Schools and kindergartens have so far collected money from the parents to various needs (repairs, paints, classroom supplies), directly to the staff or

Final exams

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After the 11th class, the pupils have national tests. The tests do not take place in their own schools, but in a selected school in each community. Everyone takes four tests in the subjects they choose. If they get enough points, they can apply for further studies. Very few students have awards for free university