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Final exams

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After the 11th class, the pupils have national tests. The tests do not take place in their own schools, but in a selected school in each community. Everyone takes four tests in the subjects they choose. If they get enough points, they can apply for further studies. Very few students have awards for free university

First time in the book club

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We have started something completely new. Reading books was not at all our line. But after visiting the book group ”To keep the brain from drying up”, we started to see the world of books in a new way. Books can reveal many interesting things about our city, Kiev. The brightest book here is ”The

The tragedi in Siberia

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Our thoughts and prayers go to those who suffered from the terrible department store fire in Kemerova, Siberia. At least 64 people, including many children perished. The number of deaths is expected to increase