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New year, new adventures

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New year, new adventures Our minibus stopped totally and was transported to Kyiv on a recovery vehicle together with Viktor Pavlovich. The Lada is also in a repair shop. A neighbour was driving Nadya and Natalia to work, when his car stuck in the snow. They needed a tractor to tow them away. The ladies

Thank you for the year 2018

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The children wrote their New Year greetings: Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas, I wish you a strong health, success, riches and love, I wish you always to be beautiful, thank you that you are out there for me, I wish that your dreams come through, joy, many smiles, long life, many Christmas packages

The First Snow

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Viktor drove from Pisky to Kyiv yesterday. It began to snow. Lines of cars started forming. With more snow, cars started colliding with each other - 500 collisions were counted in Kyiv alone. The snowplows could not work, as the streets were full of cars. Summer tyres did not help in the first snow. There

Hot news from Kyiv

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We had hot water again today - this is our hot news after three months of only cold tap water in the district. When my daughter Kristina wanted to take a bath, there was only rusty brown water, but it was warm... No need now to save the hot water from kettles and teemakers for