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Reign and Thunder

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A hefty thunderstorm raged over Pisky village and cut out our power. It was a restless night. The kids were so afraid they could not sleep. Our kitten was terrified, too. She hid under a chair and meowed loud. The kids tried to find her in the darkness. It was morning before everyone slept. We

News from the Ukrainian Team

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Thank you all who donated for the spring action! Next Saturday, we are going with the families to the market foor seeds. Plants, chickens etc will be bought later, near May.Friend's House celebrates two birthdays this week: Alyosha is 14 today, and Alyona is 13 on Thursday.We welcome a new member in our Team: Tanya

Birch sap recipe

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Birch sap is healthy and cleansing. It does you good after the winter. Sap is good as such, or canned, or as part of home brew.This is how you can preserve birch sap:Boil up 3 litres of sap, add sugar to taste, several slices of lemon or orange. Close the lids, and the drink is