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Sunday school

The Sunday school always provides fun and intereresting activities for the children. We thank God for the great young team that teaches the Sunday school.

“I have laid up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11

Shared joy

Children love the Sunday school in Friend’s house

Rhythmic moring gymnastics, a song of praise and a prayer together are a good start for the day.

This time, they heard about kind David and learnt a verse by heart. They imagined what it would be like to be a king. Everyone had their own dreams.

After a delicious lunch, they played a quiz in the yard. Finally, warm hugs with the teachers, and they are already waiting for the next Sunday school.

/ Tanya, coordinator of social media

Sunday School in Friend’s House

We started by thanking God for everything we have. We prayed and sang praises together. Then the children drew pictures to thank God for their home and for the harvest. We had fun, and time flew quickly.

We wish to thank the team that leads the Sunday school. It is a significant moment for the children. We also wish to thank all of you who support the activities in Friend’s House. Your help to the children in Ukraine is valuable. Sincere thanks! ❤️

Tanya V, social media coordinator

Sunday school

Last week’s Sunday school included an exciting quiz about the life of Jesus. The boys’ team competed against the girls’ team. A nice bonus was that everyone was awarded.

/ Viktor Pavlovich

Activities in Sunday School

Sunday school
I love Saturdays, because that is when we have Sunday school in Friend’s House.
I have many friends there, and we sing songs about God, we paint, play and do handiwork together.
/ Ruslana, 10

Happy School

Tanya’s team led the Sunday school again. The kids always have nice and interesting things to do with them. Every Saturday brings something new, and the warm smiles, fascinating films and cheerful games indoors and outdoors are something the kids love. Our Sunday school is a Happy School.
/ The Team

We watched animation “Super Book”

This time in Sunday school, we watched three sequences of how God created the world. Highly interesting. The Super Book is the Bible.
/ Slava, 13