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Keeping the head warm

The girls are happy of the caps they received from Sweden. They love them.
Text and photo: Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

Thanks for the warmth

The children had caps, mittens and socks knitted in Sweden. They also had warm winter coats.
Their mother is so relieved and happy that the children have warm clothes to put on when they go to school on cold winter mornings.

Text and photo: Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

Warm happiness in families

The winter is cold, but the bed is warm. This is no longer a dream, but a fact. Thank you all who helped. The children have received true help. Their homes are warm, and their mother’s hearts are full of joy and gratitude.

Photo and text: Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

Thank you for donating to Warm Winter!

Here’s what mother Anya wrote:

Good afternoon, dear friends!
It’s already cold and I was so worried that my children would be cold indoors. I am a widowed mother of four. Without your help, we would remain without heating. We are happy that you are there and we thank you for buying firewood for us. The children are happy that it is warm at home. Thank you for your help and the warmth in your heart. We will pray for you.
/ Mother Anya
Photo: Katerina

Help on way to Ukraine

A nice and curious boy kept us company on the flight from Stockholm to Kyiv. He liked to sit next to the window. We are thankful to Ukrainian International Airlines for the free extra baggage. The flight was nice and the Customs asked no questions this time.
We had several meetings in Kyiv today and are continuing to Pisky village tomorrow. Soon the children will have their knitwear: socks, mittens, warm clothes. They will go shopping for winter shoes and clothes with our team.
Thanks again to all who knitted and donated clothes and to all who pray for and help the children. You can still contribute to our Warm Winter campaign

Winter is coming

A single mother of two asked us for help. She is worried about the cold season. She only has wood for a week, and she is getting desperate. How to heat the home in winter?
/ Katerina, coordinator

Make the winter warmer for a child

Imagine your feelings if you could not offer your child a warm home. The poor families cannot manage the winter without your help.

Our campaign Warm Winter is on. Your help is needed today.

The gift of staying warm

Our fundraising “Warm winter” runs between November 7th and November 23rd.

You can make the cold winter warmer for a child.
Your help is needed now, as frost is creeping to the homes.
At bedtime, the children put their woolen socks, cardigans and thick trousers on. They hug a hot-water bottle for warmth and hide under the blankets, but it is still cold.

An ordinary Monday morning. Nadya, 9 years old, wakes up. It feels cold to get out of bed, she would rather stay under her warm blankets. And it is cold. It is cold outside, and it is cold inside their home. The family has to limit their use of firewood, there is no money to buy more. Her two younger brothers stay in their beds, they are still too young to go to school. Her mother has already left for work, at the farm where she tends to the cattle. She left a pot of borsch-soup on the stove. Nadja shivers from the cold, the stove is already cold, her mum went to work already at four. Nadja eats some soup for breakfast, waiting for her mum to return and send her off to school. The autumn weather is already cold, and she has no footwear but her thin trainers. Her old winter boots are too small this year, as is the winter jacket. She enjoys the soup and a piece of bread. Her mother has left one piece for each child. Nadya starts daydreaming. Firewood, a warm home, warm winter boots, a warm jacket, mittens, a hat…

This is the reality for many children. However, we can help to fulfill those dreams of a warm winter. Our annual fundraising “Warm winter” is now launching. The outdoor temperature in winter does not differ much from our countries, in Britain and the Nordics, it is the indoor temperature that is the difference. The houses are poorly insulated, and the children often sleep fully dressed, in jackets and warm pants. The children are in need of warm clothing, whereas the strained economy of many families does not give room for that, as they barely have the money to get by, day by day. Do you want to join forces with us to give the children a warm winter? There is a need for warm clothing, boots, and firewood to spread the warmth. Even the smallest contribution has an impact on a kid’s life. Make your donation.

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The bank account in Sweden
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