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Thank you for the school clothes

The schools are soon starting in Ukraine. The kids are impatiently waiting for the first day at school. They have missed their classmates during the summer. Thank you all who helped buy their clothes and other items necessary at school.
/ Sveta, coordinator of the relief programme

Every child needs hugs, help and hope

The Children’s Embassy team and the kids thank everyone who participated in the school campaign in Ukraine. Friends, you are fantastic! Your help is so valuable. It brings the children hope of a better future, which they need.

We thank you and wish you a happy weekend ❤️

Tanya, Children’s Embassy social media coordinator

The school campaign is continuing

Good morning, let’s start the day with a smile!

The Children’s Embassy team is going to buy school clothes for 18 children today.

A long and warm day awaits us. It’s already 30 degrees out there. We are driving about 40 km to the “bazar” or the market. Families from various villages come there by bus. The buses run just once or twice a day.

You can make a child happy

The school campaign is continuing:

The school campaign is continuing

A new day, new possibilities, new fresh actions

Tuesday 20.8.

The first day, the first shopping action. We went to the market with eight children who selected what they needed for school.

Wednesday 21.8.

The second day. We were happy to continue. At the end of the day, 15 children had received help.

The third day, Thursday 22.8. will see another 18 children provided for school.

Katerina, coordinator of the relief work

This is how you can help

There are many more children who need clothes and notebooks for school. Click the link

Three girls, a son, mother.

The School Campaign is on

Last Christmas Eve, the father of this family died unexpectedly. Mother was faced with a difficult situation; she became the single parent of four. The children help her in home chores and in the kitchen garden. They love their mother. Just now, the family needs help equipping three children for school and the youngest one for kindergarten. They need clothes, shoes, rucksacks, notebooks, pencils, and school meals…

There are many children and many families like this.

 Will you help the children go to school?

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The School Campaign is on

Kirill’s mom is not able to equip her son for the new school year. Kirill has grown during the summer, and his old clothes are small.

If you wish to help Kirill and his mom, go to our website:

The fundraising for the start of the school year has started

Oksana needs to equip her five kids for the new school year and asks for our help.

Maybe you remember that we once raised money to save Oksana’s life. It has now been several years since the doctors told her “either you need to find the money for the treatment or you will go home and die”. She is better now but she still can’t work so much so the kids help her with the household chores.

“It is always a warm feeling when I visit this family. They have open hearts and are very grateful for the help they get. It gives me the strength to carry on the good work that we are doing”

Katerina, coordinator of charity programs

Would you like to support a child to school start? C

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