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What shall we eat today?

Hunger is a big problem during quarantine.

Visiting homes, I feel so sorry for the families who have nothing to eat. Mother mixes just flour and water into “pasta”. They have no bread, potatoes or oil.

Help a family today. Your gift provides food for a family.

Everyone faces difficulty under quarantine. A poor family that already lived below the poverty line is in serious trouble now.

/ Katerina – programme coordinator

Merry Christmas?

Yes, it was a merry Christmas for many poor families in our area in Ukraine. It was made merry by all you who donated for the Christmas campaign. Many poor families were able to offer festive meals for their children.
/ Boas Adolphi

Ukraine celebrated Christmas twice: on December 24th by the Gregorian calendar and on January 7th by Julian calendar. The campaign is over now, and we thank all who donated.
”I was deeply touched when I handled the photos and translated the families’ messages of gratitude. I saw shopping bags full of basic foodstuffs: oil, flakes, flour, fish, eggs, and some sausage for the Olivie salad. You made a feast for the families. Thank you!”
/ Mirjam Adolphi

See photos and thanks on our website by clicking on category Share your joy of holiday https://childrensembassy.com/category/current-campaign/share-your-joy-of-holiday/

Thank you for your help
Thank you so much for helping my family. Thank you for the food for New Year and Christmas. We needed help badly and are happy to have food for the festive season.
/ Mother Natalia

Photo: Katerina Voloshin

Many thanks for the food and all help that I and my children had in our time of distress. You are kind and good people. I hope you have success in everything you do. I also wish you a happy new year. I am grateful to you for everything.
/ Mother Nastya

Photo: Katerina Voloshin

Thank you for the Christmas feast!

My children and I are happy to have a feast. We wish to greet you on Christmas and wish you a happy new year. We hope you have health, happiness and all good things.
May the Lord bless you! 💕

/ Mother Natalya
Photo: Katerina

Thank you, that we also can have a feast

I believed that there would be no New Year celebration for my children this time. My husband is very ill and we need all the money we have for his medicines.
Thank you so much for providing food for the Christmas season. We have enough food now, and the children are happy. They were waiting for New Year and Christmas so much. We wish you a happy New Year and Christmas – the birthday of Christ.

/ Mother Viktoria
Photo: Katerina Voloshin

P.S. Ukraine celebrates Christmas on January 7th according to the Julian calendar. It is the last day of our Christmas campaign.

We are grateful for your help at Christmas

I wish to express my family’s gratitude. We were short on food, but you provided food for the festive season. Thank you for this gift. May God bless you!
/ Mother Xenia

Photo: Katerina Voloshin

Thank you for your help at Christmas

We are so grateful for your help, which we appreciate highly. Thank you, and may God give you health and all good things.
/ Julia and mother

Photo: Katerina Voloshin

P.S. Ukraine celebrates Christmas on January 7th, according to the Julian calendar. Would you like to donate? The last day or our Christmas campaign is January 7th.

Christmas is coming again

Christmas has gone and New Year is over, but we are again waiting for Christmas. It is traditionally celebrated in Ukraine on January 7th.

P.S. The campaign is open until January 7th: https://childrensembassy.com/holiday-joy/