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Future and Hope

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The same children we met in Ukraine last Christmas. As speedy and charming as they were then. But the things they have experienced in these months! Bombardments, shelling, nights and days in basements and shelters. The flight, a strange land and language. We visited Eskilstuna, Sweden, to meet our dear friends who gather daily in

We Live in Ukraine

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Members of Children’s Embassy Team describe their thoughts about everyday life in Ukraine. Raisa Mykolaevna, pedagogue in Friend’s House:My generation knows the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 from history lessons at school. I took my pupils to the historical museum in our village; its exhibition is entirely about that period.Now, we hear news about the

Warmth’ for givers and receivers

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Dozens of kilos of thread have turned to beautiful clothes in the hands of Leena (left) and Anja. Photo: Hannu Räsänen Anja Joronen and Leena Koskela have a unique mission: they have knitted nearly 40 beautiful cardigans and pullovers for Ukrainians, plus numerous scarves and socks. Little Maria in Ukraine looks at the photo of

Weekly 35 – Read all about it!

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Enjoy the autumn and the help!September started with the school bell ringing ceremony - this is what we do here.Can you still remember your first day at school? Here we share with you the short articles that we have published in our social media accounts during the past week.  30.08.2021 Processed with Lensa with Auto

Julia’s week

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Hang on - you may learn something new, something interesting. Hi! My name is Юлія. Although everyone in our team calls me Julia. It's my turn to update our site this week. I can guarantee you some chaos 😀. Hopefully, you are very patient over the week 😉. My job is bookkeeping. I appreciate what