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Cooking, photographing and presenting!

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Sveta of the youngster group in Friend's House presents us her cooking skills and tells us about herself. Hi!It's spring and the sun is shining. I love cooking. Here you see my special chips. They are just lovely. I also made salad Olivie with a surprise. I make salad Olivie with a surprise Time for

Youngsters getting on

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The youth group in Friend's House in action.The youngsters are more creative than we are; they have their new approaches. They have learnt to use Instagram with all its functions. It's interesting and fun to be around them. Sveta took some fascinating photos and tells us about her life./ Tanya Hi, I'm Sveta. I'm 14

How to make friends with a horse ?

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My best friend is Mayor. I love it. We have a small farm, and I help grandmother and uncle in the work. Best of all are the horses. They understand and know everything, and they are kind. May I introduce my friends: Selfie with my dog Jack Out with Mayor Our horse Aza Cat Murzik