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Student’s Day – we congratulate!

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Eight young refugees from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine have the opportunity to study on the support of Ioca Arma Nostra / Alpcot AB. They are thankful for this, and one of them writes: "These are the best years of my life. I learn something new and interesting every day. It's not an exaggeration

Look who is talking!

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We open a new category in our blog, "Look who is talking". The children take turns as journalists who report from Friend's House. Read and see their news in our blog. Hi, I'm Sonya, 7 years old. I come to Friend's House and I'm this week's journalist. It's nice and noisy here. I took the

The holiday is over, school starts tomorrow

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Hi everybody, this is Zhenya.Guess what I'm doing?I'm packing my school bag.This is tragic news for pupils, such as me.Where's the pencil case, and where are the books...I was supposed to read Russian, but forgot to. 😀You know what annoys me the most? The holiday lasted for three weeks, but it seemed like one single

St. Nicholas day

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Today, December 19th is St. Nicholas day in Ukraine Who is St. Nicholas {Mykola}?We discussed this with the children. He is a saint with a good heart💕./Roma, 10 An old man with a big bag of gifts 🎅. After St. Nicholas's day, it's soon New Year.⛄🎄/Sveta, 13 It's Mom 👩‍👧. Mom puts my present under