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Home Alone

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It’s not always that I and my friends like to go to school. It can be nice to skip a few lessons or to be in quarantine. It seems cool in the beginning. You can sit at home where no bells ring for lessons. You can do what you like, nobody controls you. Just like

Children’s Blog

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So great to come to Friend's House again! I had been waiting so long and asking when I could come. I missed everybody. After the lessons, I have lunch at school and then I run directly to Friend's House. We have nice weather and a trampoline. I could jump on it all day, from morning

Take me back to school

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Hi, it's Zheka with you. I've been missing you. Do you miss me? I'll tell you someting about myself and other kids, because this is not just about me. I was really happy about the first quarantine last year. It gave me a legitimate reason not to go to school. I was hilarious and smiled