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I want to wish you God's peace. God's Shalom for this year. Shalom is Hebrew and means peace. But this word shalom includes much more than peace. It talks also about security, health, rest, well-being, completion, and fullness. When Jesus pronounced the blessing on the disciples, He said:"Shalom aleichem", "Shalom over you." Receive God's "Shalom

Easter greetings from Ukraine

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Dear friends, I wish you a beautiful Easter. First of all, I want to thank you for your help. May you always be happy, healthy and well. We hope that no harm comes your way.Father Yevgen I wish you a happy Easter!It has become the most important holiday of the year - Easter. May this

The turn of time

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The road from our village, Pisky, to the nearest city, Bobrovistya is surrounded by vast farmlands, seemingly as big as the ocean, where you can see no end of it, just a tractor disappearing at the horizon. The road we are travelling seems endless, as there are no changes in our near surroundings. But then,

I wish you all a really Happy New Year !

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Dear Friends, 2018 is history, 2019 is marching in. In our mission that God has given us here in Ukraine, we meet different kinds of people Families with children in need. who lack the most basic for a daily life Children who are subjected to domestic violence due to alcoholic parents. Children who lost their

An important meeting

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Today I had an important meeting with this young man. His name is Vitja. He came to Children's Embassy's "Friends House" as a little boy. Grown-up there, went to school in our village "Piski" Graduated after nine years and moved to Kiev to study three years in professional school for in construction work. Today he is

To the land of the East, I want to go

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To the East we flew, with an aircraft to Ukraine, on the mission given to us by our dear Lord, the Origin of Life. The words are inspired by an old Swedish psalm from 1696 “On You, our dear Lord” December 20th 2016, we were on Arlanda airport, terminal five, carrying four full suitcases. Ukraine