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Tanya Verozub

No relief in sight

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When the staff buy food for Friend's House, they see that prices have risen again: milk by 4 UAH, eggs by 5, a kilo of flour by 2. Even the season's vegetables are more expensive than before. On October 18th, domestic gas rises by 23%, which will be seen in all other prices soon. The

Happy Sukkot!

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It's the Jewish Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles. We celebrate it at the time of harvest, and it reminds us of the wandering in the desert. We have meals in huts, and the men also sleep there. This is a good time to visit attractions, as there is no school today. / Nika

A young postman

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A young postman Guess what I did yesterday after school. No, it was not homework - I was a real postman who sent letters around the world. My own letter was among them. Sponsors, wait a little, your letters are on their way. / Maksim, 8