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Tanya Verozub

Weekly greetings from the Team

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The whole team is thankful to The While Label Agecy for the MacBooks. They are an excellent gift and a joy to work with, although it takes some learning to go from PC to Mac. It is so warm that the families' poultry can be bought: chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys. The kitchen garden of Friend's

Spring holidays give time for plans

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No children come to Friend's House during the spring holiday. We have been planning the hobby circles, picnics, Sunday school, birthdays and story-reading sessions.More colours in Friend's House! The walls are painted in the traditional Ukrainian style.Our storage soon looks good. We bought baskets, hangers and other necessities.There is always something to repair. We only

Happy School

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Tanya's team led the Sunday school again. The kids always have nice and interesting things to do with them. Every Saturday brings something new, and the warm smiles, fascinating films and cheerful games indoors and outdoors are something the kids love. Our Sunday school is a Happy School./ The Team

Team working and resting

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After the long Women's Day weekend, our team is at work again, although not quite full. Sveta and Katya have a holiday. We are writing letters to our regular donors and the children's sponsors. We take photos, and the children contribute with their greetings and drawings. The spring action for seeds and plants and chickens