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Oili ja Hannu Räsänen

Different Gifts

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Do you find it hard to think of gifts to your near and dear ones? I do. For instance, my mother. She already has everything she needs, and bookshelves full of books waiting to be read. What should I buy her for Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day? I have now made a new habit of donating

Happy memories!

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It's sad that the children are in quarantine 😢But we have a lot of happy memories to share with you. Here are a few photos of Hannu & Oili from their first visit to Ukraine, Christmas 2014. New and impressive experiences...

Christmas in Our Hearts – All Year

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Hannu & Oili Räsänen's  Christmas visit to Children's Embassy, Ukraine. Our Christmas in Ukraine is over. What did we learn? We felt this in a tangible way, as we went shopping and delivered food and Christmas presents to families. Many friends and many unknown people donated money and knitted warm presents to bring warmth and

The school year in Ukraine started beautifully

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The first ringing of the school bell started the school year beautifully. Everyone was dressed nicely and carried flowers. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers and little siblings followed. Viktor and we came to see Oksana’s children. Music, speeches, poems. The first and last classes marched into their places. Finally, the biggest boy lifted the smallest girl on