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Oili ja Hannu Räsänen

Future and Hope

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The same children we met in Ukraine last Christmas. As speedy and charming as they were then. But the things they have experienced in these months! Bombardments, shelling, nights and days in basements and shelters. The flight, a strange land and language. We visited Eskilstuna, Sweden, to meet our dear friends who gather daily in


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Kamianets-Podilskyi is a town unlike any town in Finland. Its name is more difficult than any name in Finland (including Pieksämäki). After the Christmas party in Friend's House, we wanted to see some new sceneries for the weekend. The bookkeeper of our team, Julia, joined us for a train adventure to Western Ukraine, near the

Different Gifts

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Do you find it hard to think of gifts to your near and dear ones? I do. For instance, my mother. She already has everything she needs, and bookshelves full of books waiting to be read. What should I buy her for Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day? I have now made a new habit of donating

Happy memories!

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It's sad that the children are in quarantine 😢But we have a lot of happy memories to share with you. Here are a few photos of Hannu & Oili from their first visit to Ukraine, Christmas 2014. New and impressive experiences...