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Nadija Mihaijlivna

Young Farmer 😃

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Zhenya is interested in farming. He has a small kitchen garden of his own. He learns to plant tomatoes in the right way. He listens to my instructions and does everything correctly.Now we are waiting for juicy tomatoes. / Nadia Mihailivna

It’s good to be back home again

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Life under quarantine, day 4830.04.2020 Maksim stayed in Kyiv for 44 days. He went there for eye treatment, but then came the quarantine and all places closed. Maksim stayed with his grandmother. "I missed my Mom, my brothers and my sisters. And I missed my cat Masha so much. I draw a calendar and ticked

So quiet – it makes me cry

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I am unhappy because I cannot meet the children during the quarantine. I look forward to each contact with them by phone or online. I wish to talk with them, to encourage them and to share their joys. The situation is very difficult due to Corona. In the Children’s Embassy, we have the Friend’s House