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Katya Voloshin

Student life

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My brother and I go to vocational school. I will be cook, as I enjoy cooking. My brother will be mechanic. He started this autumn; I started my second year already. It was difficult to manage at first: we need expensive products to cook with. I found a place in practical training in a cafe,

Family Golod lost everything in fire

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At 4 am on 24th September, the parents woke up to the smell of smoke. They had only recently moved into this house, and now it was on fire. Everything burnt down. The children were staying overnight with their grandmother, and the parents were miraculously saved. A caring neighbour gave an old house for this

Friends in Need

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Sasha and Slavik helped a classmate whose home burned down. Many people have helped our family. It’s great that we were not forgotten. Maxim is our classmate. When we heard of the fire in his home, we wanted to help. We asked our class and decided to collect money for his clothes and rucksack. Without

Cake for Mom

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1 kg flour 6 eggs 0.5 l milk 6 tbs cocoa 150 g sugar Beat the eggs and sugar, add milk, flour and cocoa. Bake in 180 degrees. 200 g butter 200 g sour cream 1 tbs vanillin sugar 200 g sugar Mix the ingredients. Cover the cake with the icing and decorate with poppy

News from Ukraine

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Parents whose children go to school or kindergarten are now requested to pay any voluntary gifts directly to the relevant bank accounts and to require information about how the money was used. Schools and kindergartens have so far collected money from the parents to various needs (repairs, paints, classroom supplies), directly to the staff or