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Katya Voloshin

Visiting day

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Thank you for giving clothes to needy children in Ukraine.The kids were so happy for the warm clothes that our team brought from Sweden. Colder weather is approaching, and the clothes came just on time.Thank you for making this possible./ Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

The school campaign is continuing

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A new day, new possibilities, new fresh actions The first day, the first shopping action. We went to the market with eight children who selected what they needed for school. The second day. We were happy to continue. At the end of the day, 15 children had received help. The third day, Thursday 22.8. will

Three girls, a son, mother.

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The School Campaign is on Last Christmas Eve, the father of this family died unexpectedly. Mother was faced with a difficult situation; she became the single parent of four. The children help her in home chores and in the kitchen garden. They love their mother. Just now, the family needs help equipping three children for

The spring campaign is over

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Animals, plants and seeds were bought for 22 families. A total of 180 heads of poultry and two pigs are now growing in the yards. The families asked us to extend their gratitude to everyone who donated: Thank you for your helpWe are so grateful for the invaluable help. We will take good care of