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Katya Voloshin

Spring Campaign

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Spring means sowing. It is time to sow and plant the fields and kitchen gardens. Love to earth together with work can yield food to a family for the whole year. Many families in Ukraine cannot afford preparing their fields, renting a tractor for ploughing, not to speak of buying the seeds, seedlings and chickens.

Like circles in water

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The family is poor but happy to share what they have. Last year, the family needed seed potatoes and asked us for help. They had a good harvest and now they want to give seed potatoes to others who need them. / Katerina, programme coordinator

Thank you for the groceries

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Many thanks for helping me buy food. We are facing difficulties now. My husband broke his arm and needed an expensive operation. I borrowed money from friends and acquaintances, and nothing was left for the food of our eight children. Thank you for your kind and soft heart, for not leaving my family in this

… and on corona again

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One large family is now in isolation due to corona. The entire family is ill. We pray that they get well soon and recover their strength. They soon ran out of food, almost nothing was left for them to eat. We had to react without delay to save the family from going hungry. We went