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Katya Voloshin

Viktor Divnich writes:

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Dear friends, volunteer initiative Центр Гостинності is continuing its mission to do good under the quarantine and the second wave. You are our priority partner. Our volunteers continue to collect clothes and other things for children and adults. We are with you. We carry on together… Photo: Katerina Many thanks to Viktor Divnich and Центр Гостинності

Thank you for giving warmth

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Many thanks to Viktor Divnich, Volunteer Initiative "Волонтерська ініціатива - Центр Гостинності" for the coats and warm clothes you have collected for children in need. Thank you for not closing your eyes to the children's needs. You have helped many times already in the same way. The need is great, for our winter is cold.

We were stuck in soft snow

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We skipped home visits today, as the side roads in the villages are not cleared of snow. The time would be well spent, we decided, fetching building material for the renovation of Friend's House. Not much luck here, either. We were stuck in soft snow. A little shovelling solved the problem, and we could drive

Shower cabin for the boys

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Mother of two handicapped boys asks us for help to purchase a shower cabin. "As their mother, I can say that washing them with the help of washbasins is very difficult. It is awkward for them, too. Both of them are handicapped and cannot stand up alone. We would be so grateful for your help.

Heartfelt thanks ❤

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You gave warmth to children’s feet. Many thanks for collecting shoes for children. Thank you is the least we can say. I am deeply touched to see how happy the children are. / Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme Photo: Lyuda, 13 "Thank you for these beautiful shoes. They fit me perfectly. And they are

Deep gratitude in my heart

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You gave children warm clothes and transmitted your own warmth.Many thanks to Victor Divnich and his team for collecting warm jackets for children. "Thank you" is the least we can say in response to your help. It moves me deeply. The children enjoy their warm clothes and are very grateful. “I'm a single mother. We

Many thanks for the food

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A Christmas miracle happened to us, thanks to you. You made a feast for this family and children.  Mother Viktoria writes: "Many thanks for the food. We were able to lay the table, and the children had their Christmas and New Year's feast. We thank you for thinking of us and helping us." -Mother Viktoria