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Julia Vakulenko

Julia’s week

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Hang on - you may learn something new, something interesting. Hi! My name is Юлія. Although everyone in our team calls me Julia. It's my turn to update our site this week. I can guarantee you some chaos 😀. Hopefully, you are very patient over the week 😉. My job is bookkeeping. I appreciate what

Keeping Pace

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I'm preparing to submit the new unified quarterly report. The instructions for filling in the reports consist of 61 pages. These "stable" amendments to legislation allow bookkeepers to increase their vocabulary constantly. Sometimes I would like to share my new skills with someone, but this would call for a psychiatrist-psychologist in our team. 😀 🤓

“General Manager”

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I use many kinds of forms and schedules in my work. I put them in their places, but tend to forget where.🤔 Important information should be visible. Viktor Pavlovich solved my problem by making a notice board for me. So great that we have a real general manager in our team. 🙂 / Julia, bookkeeper

Help a mother smile

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"I think it's great to start school soon, but my Mom is kind of sad" says 6-year-old Dima. You can work a little miracle by supporting the family. His sister is already at school and Dima is starting the first class. The kids and their mother are internally displaced persons from Eastern Ukraine. The family