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How to make friends with a horse ?

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My best friend is Mayor. I love it. We have a small farm, and I help grandmother and uncle in the work. Best of all are the horses. They understand and know everything, and they are kind. May I introduce my friends: Selfie with my dog Jack Out with Mayor Our horse Aza Cat Murzik

Hi, I’m Kolya!

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I love football, the nature and Friend's House. In Friend's House, Nadya Mihailivna helps me with the homework. I could not manage it alone at home. I'm in the 8th grade at school. When I finish school I want to become carpenter or YouTuber, but there's still time to think about it. Photography is nice.

Thanks for the warmth!

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Our Dad died recently. It is difficult for Mom, and we miss him much. We received a lot of firewood, and now our home is warm. Thanks for the warmth! Here I am with my sisters and Mom, happy of the firewood. / Ruslana, 10

Julia interviews 12-year-old Dasha

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Dasha: "I love animated films, cats and delicacies." Young artist Dasha left her home in eastern Ukraine and moved to Chernigiv province four years ago. She tells us about her film heroine, her love of cats and how she slept in the potato cellar. Why did you move house?"I was 8, when we had to