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Hi, I'm Vika and 10 years old. I'm on the 5th class in Yaroslavka village school. I have two sisters and a brother. I've missed Friend's House so much. It was great when Viktor Pavlovich fetched us for Sunday school.I met my friends there. We played and sang together and had a good time. Already,

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Hi, I'm Sonya and I'm 8 years old. I have two brothers. One is still very young and the other one is older than I am. After school, my brother and I hurry to Friend's House. I love this place. I play here, jump and learn to play ping-pong. My friend Tanya also comes to

The lovely camp is over!

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The lovely camp is over! Two weeks just flew!Some eager accounts for you from the kids: ”Two weeks of summer camp were like a blink! The time went quickly, the weeks just flew. We’re at home again. Everything was just SUPER. It was the best time of my summer. Greetings to everyone and big thanks!”

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Life under quarantine, day 4628.4.2020 I'm doing well under quarantine, although it's rather dull to stay at home all the time. The weather is beautiful, but I can't go out. We have lots of homework from school, and I do it every day.I also help my grandmother at home. I miss Friend's House so much