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Boas Adolphi

We take our hats off to you

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It’s now about a year and three months since we (Boas & Mirjam) last visited our home in Friend’s House, the children and our team in Ukraine. As everyone knows, the covid-19 pandemic then changed nearly everything. It has touched everyone all around the world. As Ambassadors of Children’s Embassy, I and my wife Mirjam

Happy memories

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It's sad that the children are in quarantine 😢But we have a lot of happy memories to share with you. Here's one of them, a video from Boas. It was made in Friend's House, in Sunday school. With the video, we wish you a happy weekend. Video: Boas Adolphi


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I want to wish you God's peace. God's Shalom for this year. Shalom is Hebrew and means peace. But this word shalom includes much more than peace. It talks also about security, health, rest, well-being, completion, and fullness. When Jesus pronounced the blessing on the disciples, He said:"Shalom aleichem", "Shalom over you." Receive God's "Shalom

Tanya needs help NOW!

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Tanya Verozub is member of our team in Ukraine. She is single mother of four and lives in Friend's House. Tanya is a significant link in our work. She is now in intensive care in hospital.Tanya had stomach pain that turned out to be bleeding gastric ulcer. She needed urgent surgery to save her life.Tanya