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Mirjam Adolphi

You still have the opportunity

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You still have the opportunity ... if you just wish Our current  campaing untill 7th of January. Children are waiting for the New year celebration.  Father  Frost is coming with the gifts, and festive food is served. Mirjam listened to what the kids wish for the season. Their list includes salad "Olivie", roasted chicken, potatoes,

White Christmas in Ukraine

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Hannu & Oili Experience a White Christmas Text by Oili Räsänen Photos: Hannu Räsänen We had to fly from Finland to Ukraine to find a white Christmas! Both Kiev and Pisky are covered with clean soft snow. It does bother the traffic, but the kids (and Mirjam) love making snow angels. We enjoy the company of

An important meeting

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Today I had an important meeting with this young man. His name is Vitja. He came to Children's Embassy's "Friends House" as a little boy. Grown-up there, went to school in our village "Piski" Graduated after nine years and moved to Kiev to study three years in professional school for in construction work. Today he is

Thank you for the joy!

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Julia and a group of kids went shopping last weekend. These kids were refugees displaced from their homes in eastern Ukraine and now living in our municipality. The children and youngsters received warm clothes and shoes that they liked and that were exactly their size. This would not have been possible without your help. Once

Make the cold winter warmer for a child

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Fundraising for ”Warm Winter” November 1st-24th Make the cold winter warmer for a child. Outside it’s cold and in the night time it’s already below 0°C. The heating of the apartments was finally turned on the last week of October, but with that comes also the bills for the heating cost. The fees for electricity,

Thank you for food

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Your gifts have guaranteed warm school lunch for 23 children for the autumn. Read what it means to them: My family has very little money. I only have my Mom. I’m so grateful to have a warm lunch at school. It is delicious, and it helps us a lot. Alyona, 14 I’m studying in a

Making Dreams Come True

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Many of them will be starting without  the basic equipment  and clothing. The families just don't  have the money to provide them. Even just a donation of  5 €  will buy the necessary books and pens that a child needs. To fully clothe and equip a child costs on average 90 €. Any amount  you