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Mirjam Adolphi

Dogs and children

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You were happy and strong, but someone left you on the streets and the streets weren't kind. But still, you don't give up. You found a friend, you can again trust people. You are again a happy dog. You were little and weak, but someone left you on the streets and the street wasn’t kind.

It’s Lockdown

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The children who have a smartphone can participate in remote teaching over Viber. The homework is in Viber as well.Nazar is waiting for his mother to return from work. He can then borrow her phone and see what homework he has for tomorrow.Everyone is waiting for the 24th of January. The lockdown should end then.

New Year greetings and Thank You

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We want to thank you who participated in the Christmas and New Year campaign. Here you can read how your help has made a difference. https://youtu.be/-dCxUXnngNM We have extended the campaign until January 7 because there is such a great need in Ukraine during this pandemic. Link to the campaign Your help was really needed,

Christmas and New Year Greetings

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Children's greetings https://youtu.be/uL8cluxxKCc Dear friends, Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year. We want to thank you for your gifts and donations to Childrens Embassy's work in Ukraine. Take care. God bless You! Children's Embassy's team in Ukraine We wish all our friends a Merry Christmas! On this joyful holiday, we wish peace in all

What’s new – week 50

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Hello, another week has flown by.Here are some flashes of the week's events - from our social media. Thank you for being with us. We wish you a happy weekend. 💛💙 With sadness in our hearts, we announce that our dear Nadya is no longer with us. She died at the hospital, after a short