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Mirjam Adolphi

Easter greetings from Ukraine

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Dear friends, I wish you a beautiful Easter. First of all, I want to thank you for your help. May you always be happy, healthy and well. We hope that no harm comes your way.Father Yevgen I wish you a happy Easter!It has become the most important holiday of the year - Easter. May this

What’s happening 11

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Weekly news published on our social media sites 11.03.2020 Quarantine prevails in Ukraine to prevent the spreading of the corona virus. The quarantine lasts from March 12th to April 3rd. At this stage, we know that the schools, kindergartens, colleges and universities are closed. Our team is surveying the situation related to helping families. We

Merry Christmas?

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Yes, it was a merry Christmas for many poor families in our area in Ukraine. It was made merry by all you who donated for the Christmas campaign. Many poor families were able to offer festive meals for their children./ Boas Adolphi Ukraine celebrated Christmas twice: on December 24th by the Gregorian calendar and on

The turn of time

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The road from our village, Pisky, to the nearest city, Bobrovistya is surrounded by vast farmlands, seemingly as big as the ocean, where you can see no end of it, just a tractor disappearing at the horizon. The road we are travelling seems endless, as there are no changes in our near surroundings. But then,

The socks are here

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Boas and Mirjam brought bags full of warm knitwear and shoes, which are now in Friend's House. Maksim and Kristina had the honour of carrying the knitwear into our warehouse. Great - we will not be cold this winter, the kids said.Here is their greeting:Thank you! The socks come to good use here. We remember