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Mirjam Adolphi


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Alarming news in the morning 04:43 "I am alive" – message from Lyuda. The best news this morning. New from team. Alive! Our Team members said the village is peaceful now. The village grocery is empty. A nearby village houses an orphanage school. Russian tanks linger there, probably short of fuel and food. There is


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We’re alive! This is the top news of the day. Each day is a new day, and the morning starts with checking if everybody is alive. Russian soldiers who were captured told that they were ordered to bomb civilian targets and civilians. Not safe. Masha, mother of three, contacted us in the morning. They live

UPDATE ON 26 of Februari 2022

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The village Piski is dark and quiet. The only sound in Friends House, is the sound of gunfire in the distance. The team there is still calm, they sit in Friend's house quiet and without lights. They say it's not as bad as two days ago. I am very proud and surprised by the courage

Christmas Bag campaign

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Our Christmas Bag campaign is on !!! ❤ !!! We want to offer the children in struggling Ukrainian families a happy New Year and Christmas. The price of the bag depends on the size of the family: small bag – 25 € (1 child)medium bag – 50 € (2 to 3 children)big bag – 85